About BotoPedia

The BotoPedia is an online directory consolidating information about web robots (bots). The information in this directory is intended for the usage of webmasters and other website operators to assist in identifying non human entities that are visiting their websites and fully understanding their intent. Based on this information, webmasters can enforce policies allowing certain entities to access their websites, while denying access to other, non desired bots.

The BotOpedia directory provides a broad range of information about hundreds of bots. This information includes bot classification, details about bot operators and IP address that are used by the bot. 

Verified by BotoPedia – a bot that has been verified means that the bot operator has gone through a detailed verification process and all the information that appears in the directory has been validated by Incapsula.

About Incapsula

Incapsula is a cloud-based website security and performance service, and a PCI certified cloud Web Application Firewall and content delivery network for small and medium-sized businesses.

With a simple DNS switch, Incapsula provides protection and improves the performance of websites without changing the site or installing any hardware/software.

Incapsula goal is to provide peace of mind for website owners that their websites have protection against attacks, that their customers' information is safeguarded while their web pages are delivered at a high speed.

Visit Incapsula: www.incapsula.com

About Incapsula

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